We’re a group of Ukrainian citizens, friends from abroad, and colleagues at international companies.

Thank you to many others not listed below who have helped at different stages—with consulting, deliveries, border crossing, and logistics throughout Ukraine and Europe.

We all initially gathered to help our hometown, Cherkasy, but we’re working closely with the Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense Forces to help many civilians from surrounding areas.

We’re helping our defenders by supplying them with protective equipment, uniforms, thermal imaging equipment, and tactical gear

We’re supporting civilians and refugees by collecting supplies and finding accommodation for those in need.

Mike Kosiakov

UX/UI designer at Avast

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Lyuk Kolomiiets

UX/UI designer at Avast

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Sheena Lydon

Senior Product Specialist at Wise

Budapest, Hungary

Anastasia Tarasova

Global Technical Sourcer at Wise

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Viktoriia Nilsen

Brand manager at iRecon Marketing

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Anastasia Reznikova

Interior designer

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Vlad Tsybulskyi


Wrocław, Poland


Wellbeing Lead

Cherkasy, Ukraine