Stand with Cherkasy


Save Ukraine.
Save our home.

On the 24th of February, russia invaded Ukraine. All of you saw photos and videos of horrible, inhuman war crimes. Putin started On February 24, 2022, russia invaded Ukraine. You’ve all seen the photos and videos of the war crimes happening in our home. vladimir putin invaded Ukraine and started this war to protect himself and his country from NATO. This is bullshit. The whole world knows that putin runs a totalitarian regime and uses propaganda to spread lies.

The russian army attacked our cities and civilians — many of our houses and apartments, schools, universities, shopping centers, and churches are gone. They even attacked maternity wards and hospitals.

These actions can never be excusable, even in war. Under putin’s orders, russia is committing war crimes and violating international law.

Now, Ukrainians are suffering. Many of us have lost our families and friends, entire cities and villages — our homes. Every day, we continue to fight for our country and for democracy worldwide

Our Mission



We’re raising funds to buy supplies and equipment for the Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense Forces.



We’re helping locals plus many refugees from other cities (like Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, and Chernihiv).



We’re spreading truth instead of lies by fighting russian propaganda.

Our organization

About our mission

We all initially gathered to help our hometown, Cherkasy, but we’re working closely with the Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense Forces to help many civilians from surrounding areas.

Most donations and aid funds have been going to larger cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mykolayiv, but we’re working towards similar goals in Cherkasy every day.

We’re helping our defenders by supplying them with protective equipment, uniforms, thermal imaging equipment, and tactical gear.

We’re supporting civilians and refugees by collecting supplies and finding accommodation for those in need.

Help Ukraine now!

Stand with us to fight russia’s ruthless and unprovoked attacks.